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Let’s take a new approach to thinking about ticketing systems and vendors and what will meet your needs – this week we want to look at ticketing as a math problem, more specifically a surface chart from geometry. Don’t worry- we will try not to bring up too many bad memories from high school!

So to start off let’s formulate our first two axes which form as our base for your evaluation. The first two elements are:

  • Capabilities – the functionality you need
  • Touch – the level of customer service characterized by the amount of personal contact you require

On a sheet of paper draw a N/S and an E/W line. On the top (North) write the word ‘High’ and on the bottom (South) write ‘Low’. Now do the same with the left (West) as ‘Low’ and the right (East) as ‘High’.

If you are in need of a tier-one robust 3D seating system, obviously your capabilities would be very ‘High’. If you only are looking for a simple system to perform a minimal amount of registrations, and maybe not even collect any funds, your capabilities requirement would be ‘low’. Go ahead and make a notation on the ‘Capabilities’ line judging your capabilities needs.

Now it’s time to move to the ‘Touch’ line. How much assistance will you require? Are you a tech whiz who can do it all? If so, you would be lean towards a mark on the ‘low’ spectrum of the ‘Touch’ line. Do you need help setting up your events or someone to do the heavy lifting to allow you to focus on other initiatives? Than make your mark towards ‘high’.

By this time, you should have your two marks on each axis. Just like back in math class, let’s connect them with a 90-degree angle. This location equals your specific need. The four different options you could end up being would be:

  • High Capabilities/High Touch
  • High Capabilities/Low Touch
  • Low Capabilities/High Touch
  • Low Capabilities/Low Touch

The world of ticketing has many vendors, and there are likely several of them in each quadrant listed above. Price is one way to differentiate vendors, but my advice would be to steer towards those vendors that have a proven history of exceeding customer service expectations.

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