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Solutions to help professional tour sports manage the entire consumer life cycle before, during, and after events.

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You need it? We do it!

We get it–we own and operate professional tour events ourselves. Most don’t last more than a few days, and you need to maximize your brand during that short time period. Ticketing is a specialized service, and we provide the highest levels of client service and technology your patrons deserve when you outsource your box office management to us. Our turnkey operations provide you with our experienced box office managers, our tier one ticketing platform, our access control and scanning systems, and our call center operations; resulting in streamlined ticketing operations that will add value to your bottom line.

  • Access control and scanning system
  • Outsourced box office management
  • Tier one ticketing platform
IMG tickets

Resources to increase your value

You constantly seek ways to increase value. We offer our clients a suite of features that help them do just that. Our ticketing platform, offers a dynamic pricing solution to establish better up-front prices, and adjusts to shifting demand, changes in market conditions and real-time sales data. We can manage all of your group sales, and empower your groups to purchase their tickets in a method most convenient to them-- online, in person, or over the phone. Finally, our call center can provide strategic sales-campaign initiatives utilizing benchmarked best practices to help you connect with your audience and achieve maximum attendance and revenue.

  • Dynamic pricing solution
  • Group sales module
  • Proactive sales
IMG tickets

Know your customers—on the grounds and out

After your event has wowed your customers, the next thing you’ll want to do is engage them and bring them back. Engagement starts by knowing more about your customers. With our ticketing platform you can customize the level of detail collected about your customers and even conduct marketing surveys. From there, you want to interact with them via an easy to manage social media system as well as email. We integrate all of this to ensure you have not only efficient operations, but a pulse on your customers.

  • Complete customer management solution
  • Smarter email marketing
  • Social media management and integration tools

Not just ticketing...IMG!

Ever since Mark McCormack’s original handshake agreement with Arnold Palmer 50 years ago, IMG has been connecting brands with audiences. We are involved in over 20 events on average EVERY DAY, so we understand what you need to succeed. In ticketing, it’s a relentless focus on where ticketing is going, not where it’s been. We provide you the tools and resources to maximize the value of every event you do. Let us help you connect your brand with your audience.

Uniquely, we can also connect you with other business units of IMG with the reach and capabilities to help you advance with:

  • Integrated sponsorship program management, sales, and activation
  • Licensing and general management of trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property/branding
  • Unique access and hospitality production, sales, and management
  • Multimedia production, distribution, and management across radio, television, and digital platforms
  • Stadium seating management and sales


IMG Tickets at Work

We provide a branded sales page, and web-based sales for a spring concert series. We set up all price types, holds, and promo codes to assist with various sales initiatives such as pre-sales to past ticket buyers and early bird discounts. The series utilizes multiple venues and seating manifests which include both general admission and reserved seating requiring custom pick-your-own-seat maps. The client base for the festival is primarily senior citizens so our call center plays a large role in helping guests with disabilities select seats and find accommodative ways to enjoy the various events.

IMG Tickets

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Client Service

At IMG, we share our capabilities, platforms, and experiences to bring unparalleled services to you.

System Capabilities
  • System Type: Hosted (in United States)
  • Environment: Web-based
  • PCI Compliant: Yes (Certified)
  • Access Control: Ticket, Mobile Device, ID Card, Print @ Home
  • Audit: Full System & All Transactions
  • Credit Card Authorization: Real-time
  • Payment Types: Amex, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Cash, ACH
  • Reporting: Standard (40+) & Customizable
  • Transactions per Minute: 1,000+
  • User Access: Customizable & Encrypted
  • Venue Offering: Multiple
Ticketing Capabilities
  • Account Append Services: Yes
  • Admission Types: General Admission, Reserved Seating
  • Allow Partial Payments: Yes
  • Customer Enabled Exchanges/Transfers: Yes
  • Dynamic Pricing: Yes
  • Orphan Seats: Does Not Allow
  • Quick Sale Mode: Yes
  • Seat Status Holds: Unlimited
  • Seat Views: Map, 2D (Photo), 3D
  • Ticketing Packages: Multiple Flexible Options
  • User Controlled Set-up: Yes
Other Capabilities
  • Automated Ticket Renewal: Optional
  • Box Office Management: Available
  • Branded Call Center: Included (7 days a week)
  • Email Marketing: Included
  • Group Ticket Window: Included
  • Hardware & Software (all required): Included
  • Proactive Sales: Available
  • Seat Upgrade System: Available
  • Social Media Marketing: Included
  • StubHub Intregration: Yes
  • System Training: Included
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